Corrective Eye Surgery

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Discover the Path to Clear Vision with Corrective Eye Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery: Your Gateway to Improved Vision

At Buena Vista Laser Center, we specialize in laser refractive eye surgery, a transformative solution for those looking to enhance their vision and say goodbye to glasses or contact lenses. Led by our esteemed fellowship-trained eye surgeon, Dr. Ruben Ramirez, our team is dedicated to employing the latest advancements in refractive surgery to correct vision problems and improve your eye health.

Why Choose Laser Vision Eye Surgery?

Refractive eye surgery encompasses a variety of procedures designed to correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. By precisely reshaping the cornea with a laser beam, these surgeries allow light to focus directly on the retina, resulting in clearer vision reducing your dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

Laser Eye Surgery

Addressing Concerns: Side Effects and Recovery

While refractive eye surgery is highly effective, not all patients are candidates. We believe in transparent communication regarding potential side effects, such as dry eye, over and under correction, and ectasia. Our team is committed to guiding you through the alternatives, planning and recovery process to ensure a smooth transition to improved vision. Call or text for a free evaluation.

Innovative Technology: The Role of the Excimer Laser

At the heart of refractive eye surgery is the excimer laser, a tool of precision that allows us to correct refractive errors with unmatched speed accuracy. Buena Vista Laser Center offers the WaveLight EX500 laser with Contoura planning to customize your surgical needs.

A Vision for the Future: Life After Corrective Eye Surgery

Imagine a life free from glasses or contact lenses, where vision problems are a thing of the past. With corrective eye surgery at Buena Vista Laser Center, this vision can become your reality. Our patients report a significant improvement in their quality of life free to enjoy many activities without contacts or glasses.
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Comprehensive Care for Dry Eye

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Our Services: Beyond the Basics

Ready to See Life Clearer?

If you’re considering corrective eye surgery, let Buena Vista Laser Center guide you towards a clearer future. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our expertise in refractive surgery, makes us the trusted choice for those seeking to improve vision and maintain eye health.

Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation, and follow us on social media to stay updated. Discover how we can help you achieve the vision you’ve always dreamed of, with the peace of mind that comes from being in the hands of El Paso’s leading eye surgeon and laser surgery experts.